Everything You Need To Know About Space Engineers

Of course, this is one of the most advanced technology games that allow players to perform different functions in space. Space Engineers are all about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works. Players are tasked to perform various duties, such as the construction of space stations, the building of spaceships, and mining operations.

All the objects used in Space Engineers can be assembled from scratch, disassembled, or even destroyed. The game is available in two different modes: the creative and survival modes.

The game follows the principle of physics and uses technologies that would soon be applicable in real events. It utilises volumetric objects, such as physical objects with mass and velocity. Each module of the game has volume and actual storage capacity.

The primary focus of Space Engineers is construction work. However, it can be played in another mode as a shooter. Instead of engaging in human to human combat, players are expected to use their creative powers to construct different war machines and fortifications. The most important thing about Space Engineer is not about building troops, but the construction of various machinery.

The modes

The “Creative mode” does not involve death. It presents the player with unlimited resources for different engineering work. However, the “Survival mode” may involve death and reproduction. Survival mode also helps in resource management.

This advanced technology game can be played as a single player, meaning you are the only engineer in charge of everything. However, in the multiplayer mode, different engineers work together to realise some goals, such as creating war machines.

When a player starts the game on an asteroid platform, they have access to one large ship and two small ships. But when started in a green asteroid station, the player has many large and small vessels to operate on a large scale. Alternatively, a player can start the game as a lone survivor on an asteroid platform where there are no ships at all. Two teams can also play in a competitive mode on two platforms.

When players connect through a third party host, instead of the usual peer-to-peer set-up, the connection becomes faster, and players can perform efficiently without lag. Players can use the welder to assemble blocks, and grinder to disassemble them for reuse.

Using different available resources, Space Engineers can build high-quality machines. Players are to equip their devices with all the necessary materials, such as magnetic landing gears to attach the ship to a surface.

The player can as well create or join factions. They can determine the ownership of blocks, and at the same time manage the relationship between them.

Currently, Space Engineer is still undergoing several optimisations. How the game performs is dependent on the configuration of your computer and the complexity of your world. It is advisable to play simple world when playing on low-end machines.

The minimum installation requirements are as follows: Microsoft Windows XP (Latest), 2 GB Hard Drive, 2 GB RAM.

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