How to crack and play games on Xbox 360

xbox 360 game

The Xbox 360 is one of the upgraded home video game consoles by the well-known Microsoft company. This is the second console and also an upgraded version of the original Xbox. In other words, Xbox 360 was developed as a successor of the original Xbox.

When Xbox was first released to the market, it underwent a fierce competition from other 7th generation video game consoles like Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3. It was said officially on 12th May 2005 on MTV. It gave full launch, but other game information was announced later that month during the 2005 E3 expo.

The Xbox 360 game console features many qualities that make it a must-have for all the lovers of PC games. Some of these features include a feature that allows its user to stream media from different local PCs and an online service known as Xbox Live.

Xbox Live allows its users to download games using the Xbox Live Arcade as well as downloading game demos and also will enable them to play games online. In addition to that, Xbox Live users are also able to purchase and stream films, music and television programs through the Xbox Video and free xbox codes.

To add on that, the Xbox Live feature allows its users to access third-party content services through its media streaming applications. Several peripherals have been released which include; Kinect motion-sensing camera, expanded hard drive storage and wireless controllers. These additional services and the peripherals have helped the Xbox brand to grow from just being a gaming tool only to encompassing all multimedia.

After the Xbox 360 was launched, it was initially in short supply in many regions including Europe and North America. On the other hand, those the earliest version of this brand suffered from a high failure rate which necessitated the extension of the warranty period of this device.

How to hack Xbox 360 games

Before you begin the hacking process of the Xbox 360 device, it is very important to know the age of your console. This makes the hacking process easier and also helps you determine the process to use. This is found on a sticker that is normally placed at the back of the device near the AV port. The next step will be determining your Kernel and Dashboard.

Depending on the Dashboard of your device, it will be straightforward to determine the hacking procedure to use. For example; Dashboard 4548 and 4532 are very vulnerable to the KingKong Exploit while Dashboard 7371 are highly vulnerable to the JTAG hack. However, if you wish to JTAG your device, make sure you do not update it.

On the other hand, the RGH2 hack works well on Dashboard 14717 and 14719, but it is doesn’t work so well with Dashboard 14699. This method, however, uses the Slim style hack. Last but not least, Dashboard 15572 and above are vulnerable to the ECC files that are newly released. The ECC files use the same method (Slim style hack) as the R-JTAG and RGH2 chip for Phatties. The preferred chip for all these dashboards is the CR4 XL.

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