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The fact that you don’t have cash at present doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your favorite games. At other instances, you might have some balance in your Wallet account but might not be enough to purchase the software, hardware or game that you are looking for. There are many ways of dealing with such instances the common one being searching for free steam wallets.

There are very many sites claiming to offer free steam wallet codes; the challenge, however, comes in identifying the genuine sites and how to have access to the free codes. Some gamers also prefer converting their points into Free Steam Wallet Codes. In this article, we will first concentrate on how to convert these free codes into free steam wallets using steam code generator .

How to get the Steam points?

There are different ways of getting free steam points, but the most common are:

Survey routers; Different brands decide to survey to enable them to understand their customers’ needs and know how to improve their products to meet these requirements. Since they know people rarely respond to such surveys unless they have something they are getting in return, they decide to offer gift prizes to their customers for filling up the survey.

Daily bonuses: Although not many countries conduct these free surveys, you will find a number of them on a regular basis. At the same time, if you become so committed to it, you will get earn more free daily bonuses.

Video Ads: Some advertisers will also offer you some points if you directly watch their video ads. These video websites usually are available on some video websites.


How to tell the genuine sites of converting your free points to Steam Wallet Codes?

This is another challenge that many gamers face. They may have so many steam points, but they don’t know how to convert them into Free Steam Wallet Codes. For that reason, some either give them away or use them for other things that were not necessary.

Just like the free points, different sites claim to convert your points to free Wallet Codes. Although there are some that are genuine, there are some that may not be genuine. Therefore, it is essential to take your time before signing in to these sites. There are different ways of identifying the genuine sites some of which include:

  • The length this process takes

The most certain sites should not take more than four hours to have this process completed. This might, however, differ depending on your locality. If you live in Europe or the United States, you are more privileged than people living in other continents.

  • The requirements of personal identification

Although even the good sites will screen their users to ensure they are dealing with original gift cards, they will, however, not ask them to download or submit their credit cards. If you log in to a site that demands your credit card, do enough research before doing so.




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