Best Free VPN For Kodi In 2018

Transparency is required.In order to provide you with all the information needed to use VPN, and all the news vpn, we also present the free VPN services. Although aware that they are less efficient than paying VPN, free vpn have the advantage of being…free !

We are aware that information security is not essential for everyone, and that some do not want to pay to be protected. We therefore present the VPN for kodi services and give you the news.


It is a free VPN service based in Europe. Packages offered their connection with PPTP and OpenVPN protocols . Very good choice for small-sized users . The protocols used allow high transfer rates but there may be some restrictions on the bandwidth and limitations for downloads using P2P software . Give a service connection software that is easily installed and configured for use immediately.


Good free vpn service based in England . The product offers good connection bandwidth and VPN uses PPTP protocols to provide security . Good choice for users with little requirements for example wish to access services such as iPlayer or exclusive content for the UK. Requires perform some basic configurations of VPN connections to take advantage of the service.


Service based in Amsterdam , the Netherlands, has a good reputation and is very reliable. Good choice for small users who wish to access services or sites based in that country and Europe. You can have some speed limitations as connected users simultaneously. Requires making small settings to access the VPN connection. Can be used in a very wide range of computer and mobile devices , as well as almost all popular operating systems today.


Free VPN service with unlimited bandwidth , based in Chicago , USA . This is a free VPN service with good benefits coverage for the United States. Lets have a secure , reliable, private both desktops and mobile devices . It supports Windows , Linux , Mac OS X , Android , etc.


This is a service that is completely free, offers some free VPN but with limitations and require registration to access the service . This VPN service can be a good option for those who want to try a low-profile VPN connection before trying a larger package or a service with greater range and coverage.


This service offers a free VPN VPN coverage in USA , Canada and the UK. This is a promising VPN service completely free and performances are good and reliable . It offers secure connections with IP addresses belonging to networks in all these countries . Good alternative for users with basic needs and few requirements .


It is a VPN service based in France that offers performance client / server SSL -based OpenVPN . This service requires the installation of software that allows the service to connect to the server using a username and password . From here our connection is encrypted and becomes completely anonymous

Logmein Hamachi

It is one of the most popular and effective free VPN services . It is completely free for personal use without commercial intentions . Easy to configure and use. Requires installation of a small program for creating secure connections , private and reliable using insecure networks such as the Internet . It uses a very user friendly system based on SSL and combines it with the robustness and connectivity of IPSec system . Very good choice for small size users and gamers.


Is a free VPN service from Japan , you can try online before creating a private account. Basically you create a private VPN connection which can then be accessed from anywhere , anytime. Allows local interconnect different networks with each other, for example, our home with our office. Everything is done through a web-type management system very easy to use .

Your Freedom

Is not essentially a VPN service , but works as one and offers similar benefits . It is a joint service offering pay and other free options . Free VPN functions are limited to 6 hours per day with a maximum of 18 hours a week . You need to install client software on our computer and enter a username and password to use the service .

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