9 Different Ways to Keep Your Cat in Good Health

Prevention is better than cure is a proverb that still holds ground. The key is to pay attention to the health problems before they take center stage and has a considerable impact on the overall health.

Schedule a regular check up with the vet and keep a tab on what they eat and ensure that exercise is a vital clog in the wheel. It makes them fitter and raring to go.

All these factors help them in increasing their lifespan. Below are mentioned some of the effective tips which will help your feline friends live happier and much longer. Let us analyze them one by one.

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1: Check up on an annual basis

A visit to a doctor is the last thing on the mind of your cat, but it is one of the best mechanisms to keep your cat in perfect shape. Ideally, when your cat is a kitten, establish an annual checkup with a veterinarian.

The doctor is in a much better position to notice any subtle changes during the annual checkups. If some changes need to be made, it can be done by the least expensive methods keeping the cat in perfect shape.

So take your cat to a corner and schedule that annual appointment as soon as possible

2: Vaccinations

When your kitten is taken for their first vaccinations ensure that she receives the entire quota of the needle.

The during an annual meeting, you and your veterinarian, can work for hand in glove in ensuring that your feline friend has their own share of updates and roosters. On exposure to other cats this will prevent any form of serious illness arising in the future

3: A high quality diet to be fed

Ensure a high quality diet is provided for your cat taking into account the nutritional requirement of the age of your cat coupled with their lifestyle.

This will help your cat maintain their ideal weight and you can ask your veterinarian on what types of food will work for your cat and the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed while feeding the cat.

Treats can be indeed part of your cat’s diet, but take into account that they lead to a rapid rise in calories

4: Dental care

Dental care is also important for your pet which helps them to save them from different diseases.The health of the teeth of your cat and the gums is important to the health of their own.

Though it is not easy to brush the teeth of a cat, unless you treat them when they are a kitten. Regular cleaning of teeth and exams has profound impacts on the overall well being of a cat.

A vet will check the teeth of your cat on your annual visits and if something critical you will informed on priority basis for the removal of that problem.

5: Coat and claws

Regular brooming and bonding with your cat with foster your relationships with your cat. It will provide you with an insight on the condition of their furs, skin and claws.

Ensure you pay attention to the skin of your cat as they can have irritated or dry skin, dry patches of your skin.

Reddened areas on the claws of your cat or dry along with missing fur are common scenarios. If you notice any of these significant changes, then schedule an appointment with your vet.

6: Habits of litter box

Cats are proficient enough to hide any signs of illness, but one area which they tend to show up is the litter box habits.

If the habits of your cat change, like he urinates frequently or urinates at less frequencies or for a matter of fact if you notice any significant changes in the box conditions, then it is high time to pay a visit to a vet.

7: Slim trim and fit

The life of an indoor cat involves a lazy nap in the noons and then chasing the wild mice or the snap toys.

Make it a point that your cat has a routine play time during the course of the day and this will help them maintain their regular weight.

Rotation of vibrant toys, interactive feeding or even a feline company can get your cat moving hammer and tongs

8: Ticks, fleas and worms

Oh my god! Surprise in store! Even your cats can be exposed to external parasites like fleas or worms. For the matter of fact even the internal parasites are not left far behind and this includes the ring worms and roundworms.

You can identify whether your cat has been affected by parasites by a set of warning signs. In case it is affected by fleas small black dirt on the fur of the cat or black small insects can be found.

A feline who is affected by fleas will scratch and itch their skin on a regular basis. A peas will resemble the shape of a bump on the skin of a cat and it will be reddish. In case of worms it will vomit or dull hair.

If any of the above signs are found in your cat, you can seek an appointment with the vet and ask them on to remove them. If it is the case of internal parasites you should schedule the appointment as soon as possible.

9: Reproductive health

The best way to maintain the health of your cat is to have it neutered or sprayed. This may remove any unwanted conditions and eradicate any form of illness associated with your cat. It will also reduce the animal overpopulation and remove the unwanted litters. It is a win win situation all around.

Thus these are the different ways which are adopted by the owners where they can easily take care of their pet without leading their position to extreme end.

To conclude, the choice of the proper vet is the most important aspect in the proper well being of the cat.

The internet is flooded with options and you can go through the reviews which are mentioned on the various websites before you arrive at a decision.

In the other case if any of your dear or near ones has a cat and they have a fixed vet you can go on to rely on their references as well.

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